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OCTOBER 16, 2020

Dear Friends and Church Family,


Gov. Burgum just announced new health and safety guidelines for our state and county in response to rising Covid-19 numbers.  Our region currently has one of the highest infection rates per capita in the U.S.    As believers in Christ, we needn’t live in fear, but wisdom compels us to be prepared.  So when we began this journey back in March, our deacons approved a tiered plan for our ministries based on the area risk level.  Our discernment now is that we can still have “in-person” and “online” services, but our high risk level compels us to follow ND guidelines and limit crowd size to 50 people in a room until our risk level falls.


Effective this Sunday, everyone is still welcome to worship at church or online, but we’ll be limiting capacity in the sanctuary to 50 people.  Our gym can seat an additional 50 people who’ll be able to participate in the service via video.   Gym seating will be around tables which has the added benefit of accommodating those who want to bring their own beverage.  Note: “In person” attendance has rarely exceeded 100 since we resumed services, but if more seating is needed, we have additional spaces in the building.  


Our leaders also encourage church attenders to wear face masks.  Masks have become a polarizing issue.  I don’t enjoy wearing one, but they limit virus spread, reduce the possibility of quarantine, and provide a vehicle for us to obey Jesus’ command to “love our neighbor as we love ourselves.”  Masks are an expression of love for those around you.  (Similar actions are being taken at other churches we’ve contacted including Century, Evangel, Charity, New Song, Legacy, and Surprise.)  Be in prayer.  Let me know if you have any questions.




Bryan Hochhalter