Community Rule of Life

A "rule of life" responds to the question:  How do I want to live so I can be who I want to be as God's child?  It describes concrete activities to achieve a goal of life-change.  The following is a basic rule of life into which the spiritual family at BBC is invited to engage.  We believe this regimen will position
us for spiritual transformation.  

So, with God's help:

#1.  I will bless three people

       outside our church weekly

  • Say or do something to demonstrate God's love
  • Watch and listen for promptings to be on mission
  • Turn eyes outward and put love into action

         Matthew 6:10

#2. I will make Sunday AM a sabbath experience

Make Sunday worship service the norm in my week
Get up early enough to prepare
Eliminate early morning "technology"
Fight the tendency to critique the service
Engage others before and after the service

#3.  I will practice solitude

       and silence...

  • by "waking up in Jesus' name" Psalm 19:14
  • by engaging in self-examining each evening Psalm 139:23-24
  • by hearing from God in a daily Bible reading plan
  • with weekly/monthly extended times with God

         Mark 1:35

#4. I will share a meal with others twice a month